REI Matchmaking

Retail real estate transactions are a racket for investors! Everyone wants a “piece of the pie”, even if they have no reason in getting a slice. REI Deal Time, Inc. is here to make the process private, simple, transparent, and pleasant. How? By being a real estate matchmaker, not a broker or property manager. Those are titles for businesses that make money for not much in return. They take a percentage of hard earned savings or funding just to do paperwork. This is how REI matchmaking works:


  • No percentage of purchase price
  • No Title company
  • No Banks
  • No Hard Money
  • No Private Lenders
  • No Credit Score
  • No Real Estate Agent
  • Wholesaling
  • Option Fees
  • No payment credits, all payments are whole and are deducted from the total owed


  • Direct connection of buyer and seller
  • Transparent and Simple contract
  • Home prices under 100K
  • Buyer and seller pay the same fee
  • Paid per successful match

That’s it. Investors want to get deals done without hassle. They are in it to win it, and get bogged down with all the real estate “professionals” that get in the way. The ultimate goal of REI Deal Time, Inc. is to house people in need. So our pricing reflects our philosophy.

Buyer: $500.00 per transaction of Rent to Own property

Seller: $500.00 per transaction of Rent to Own property

Bottom Line: We believe that nobody will care more about a business or property than the owner and that DIY is the safest and least expensive way to go. An honorable agreement finished with a trip to any title company can accomplish what the traditional real estate industry charges far too much money for. With the aim of housing as many vulnerable people as possible, REI Deal Time, Inc. is here to be part of practical solution to the problem of faster and easier access to real estate deals.

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